Trae Young recalibrates comparisons: “I try to sound more like Steve Nash than Stephen Curry”


With his 10-meter shots and his natural nerve, Trae Young was very quickly compared to a Stephen Curry. But if the new Hawks leader does not reject the comparison, he prefers to recalibrate it to another leader… twice MVP.

It was one of the most flattering reflexes and played against the phenomenon coming from Oklahoma. One gift and one poison at a time, in a way. Taking shots almost from the middle of the field and slamming nearly 28 points per game last year in NCAA, Trae Young was immediately associated with Stephen Curry. The path was easy, the videos and mixtapes went in this direction. When you torpedo the tusks with improvisations behind the bow and you point your index finger at the sky after each trickle, you will be stuck to the genius of the Warriors. And it’s pretty logical. Except that the reflex, if it was understandable, represented above all an error, realized by an audience not green of the real natural game of Young. A mistake that Travis Schlenk and the management of Atlanta did not want to make, targeting precisely the first quality of the human moped: Trae is above all an exceptional passer, a playmaker who distributes the ball with a rather crazy game reading at only 19 years old, and who can score when his hand is hot. Admittedly, it’s his long-distance shots that make his hype, but these create expectations that seem oversized and that certainly do not put enough emphasis on the talent number 1 of the number 11. As his teammates could see in the Summer League, and as some spectators could see, the caviar is much more pleasing to Young than the string, he who understands the path that awaits him in the NBA. The rookie spoke to Yahoo Sport and wanted to recalibrate the comparisons regarding his future.

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