Andy Cohen: «Housewives» because of a reunion like «Real World»?


Are you surprised what Bravo was able to do in this pandemic, in terms of keeping shelves full of programs?

Well, that’s another thing about [“Real Housewives of Orange County”]. We were just getting into the season and things were really happening – this show has been closed so many times. People are really struggling that season. But it’s amazing that we had a season with everything that was going on. Then you have “New Jersey”, where there doesn’t seem to be a pandemic. They went to Lake George [N.Y.] and then they went to the coast of New Jersey. We got them somewhere else, which was really good. But we had to close for two weeks after Cynthia’s wedding in Atlanta to make sure everyone was okay. … we couldn’t shoot [the wedding]. They used images of Cynthia’s wedding videographer because the production company couldn’t do it.

So yes, there were so many stops and departures that are not represented when you see the show. It was really very difficult.

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