Andy Cohen: «Housewives» because of a reunion like «Real World»?


Take me back to your experience of those first days after the COVID-19 pandemic.

I remember everything as if it was yesterday. The day we announced that we were doing “Watch What’s Happening Live” from home was the day I got my COVID results. I felt funny, and I had my nanny here and [my son] Ben here, and I had just gone out of my way to get tested – me and my nanny. I didn’t think I had COVID. I don’t even remember the morning. I just remember everything that happened once I said I had COVID.

Have you tried to retrace your steps?

The thing is, if I look this week before, I drove five subways, I was at Sirius Radio, taking pictures with members of the audience. I was on stage at 54 below. I flew to Los Angeles for 24 hours to be on celebrity [“Who Wants to Be a Millionaire”]. I’m surprised I haven’t done it five times.

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