Andy Cohen: «Housewives» because of a reunion like «Real World»?


You’ve been in this space for a long time. Have you ever been approached to record your life?

No. But I got a letter about “Dancing With the Stars” years ago. Uh, that’s it. I wouldn’t be the right person. I know how sausage is made.

Was it a mental journey looking back on some of these shows in «For Real»? I wish some of them were available for streaming.

I have to think that with all these streamers, they’re going to start installing them – like The Osbournes, I think Paramount would put it back.

I’ll tell you what a trip to the backyard of Khloé Kardashian was when they were shooting an episode of “The Kardashians”. And, you know, I’m a Housewives producer, but lighting and production design for The Kardashians…. It looks like we’re sitting on swings in Khloé’s backyard – it was a trip. I loved telling them what they were looking for in the drafts.

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