Andy Cohen: «Housewives» because of a reunion like «Real World»?


I wanted to ask about that. Watching Twitter and chatting with friends and family who are fans of Bravo shows, it was interesting to see how politics and the opinions of talent reached their peak, more vividly last year.

I have noticed. A lot of people say, “Well, we don’t want politics on our shows” or “We don’t want to cover social issues.” But last year was a year like no other. We’re in a global pandemic, you had a race relations account, and you had a very controversial presidential election. So it would have been very difficult for reality not to infiltrate reality shows, especially those docuseries that weren’t, you know, a competition reality show where you make dresses, or something that would be easier for that not to happen.

You saw people who had been celebrated for their outspokenness now taken to task for their outspokenness. And I don’t know, it’s a delicate balance. What I keep coming back to is that they’re not elected officials. These are real housewives, not Barack Obama. What standard do you follow?

But for example, Kelly Dodd — the things she was putting there, whether it was the coronavirus or her lack of empathy for the Black Lives Matter movement — really upset a lot of people. Some viewers boycotted the season.

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