Andy Cohen: «Housewives» because of a reunion like «Real World»?


Very. Very. We were already in production on «Beverly Hills» not only when Erika announced that she was leaving him, but when all these accusations about Tom’s cases appeared. So you’ll see that very clearly reflected in the show this season.

Did you expect her to continue the show?

It was already there. Was I surprised that she would continue? No, at the end of the day, no. I thought she would stay. I think people will be surprised by it because the whole story unfolds before you as it unfolds.

You ask questions to make a living – sometimes outrageous or uncomfortable. What did you think of Oprah’s interview with Meghan and Harry?

Oh, I thought it was great. I e-mailed Gayle King about it the other day and said, “Why are people so surprised at how brilliant Oprah is? Why is it even a story?

I’m a big Oprah fan, and I’ve probably seen every episode, or maybe 80% or 90%, of every Oprah show for 25 years. Literally, I recorded it at university or while I was at work, and I went home and looked at it on the VCR. I really loved it.

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