Andy Cohen: «Housewives» because of a reunion like «Real World»?


I think what’s been interesting [afterward] is for a lot of this stuff to be put in context. Like any good interview, your opinion changes over time. I was quite angry about the issue of safety, for example. And then I discovered, well, no great-grandchildren of the monarch gets security. And when the monarch died, Archie would have [the title] automatically. It made me think, “Well, that’s interesting.” But I loved it. I thought it was great. A lot of people always tweet me and say, “We want every minute of every meeting show.” And I thought, “I want every minute of this.”

Is there a question you would have asked?

I was very curious to know: where is Meghan’s relationship with Kate today? And William today. And I wanted to know more about Harry’s relationship with Kate and William.

A scene from «Watch What Happens Live With Andy Cohen @ Home», the virtual edition of Cohen’s late-night talk show, here with former «Real Housewives of Atlanta» star Sheree Whitfield and actor Michael Rapaport.

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