Marty Byrde, a Chicago financial advisor, is forced into exile in the Ozarks Mountains after discovering that his partner had embezzled money from a major Mexican cartel. Caught in a trap, he must find a way to reimburse the drug lord, without arousing the suspicion of the authorities…

Ozark Season 1 Review:

Known in Hollywood for packing the scripts of Mr. Wolff (with Ben Affleck) and the Judge (with Robert Downey Jr. and Robert Duvall), Bill Dubuque arrives with the first season of a series of his own, supported by the actor Jason Bateman, who in addition to playing the leading role, co-produced and directed. A Netflix-stamped show that quickly made itself noticed in that many have brought it closer to Bloodline but also and especially to Breaking Bad. Bateman replied that it was as logical as it was reductive, since, like Bloodline, Ozark was mostly on the water’s edge and like Breaking Bad, his series highlighted the plight of an ordinary man pushed to his limits. And indeed, if the first episode recalls (very) vaguely) the series of Vince Gilligan, the sequel proves that Ozark is far from being limited to a simple exercise of polite plagiarism that would try to surf a trend…

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