Lake Placid

Marked by the involvement of Jason Bateman, Ozark benefits not only from his significant contribution as a headliner but also from his talent as a director, since he packed 4 episodes of this first season. A novice director but already sure of himself, who finds material to establish a certain balance after having recently delivered the corrosive and original Bad Words, and who, in front of the camera, shines like rarely, finally served by a script that gives pride to nuances, to finally impose his character as the powerful pivot of a story as dark as it is tortuous.

The first good point for Ozark, who offers Jason Bateman a real opportunity, he who evolves here far from the comedy to which he is often attached. Of an unbeatable gravity, he has an interesting character from the start because he has many cracks. A type of first without history that will gradually get bogged down in problems that will give it a real thickness and allow it to adopt postures that greatly help in identification and empathy. That said, Bateman is far from the only one to shine in this first season.

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