At her side, Laura Linney, always very solid, finds a character that is not unlike the one she held in Mystic River. Full of subtleties, she manages to communicate distress but also a terrible force, using a range of emotions that never intervene under the influence of any cabotinage. Ozark can also count on good old Peter Mullan. Often impeccable, he finds here a role tailored to the image of the entire cast. Like Bloodline or Breaking Bad, Ozark is a great series of actors. A tragic mural that could not function without the talent of its actors. Actors who together contribute to the construction of a significant atmosphere, making themselves in some way the receptacles of anxieties that find in the sublime landscapes of the Ozarks region a perfectly relevant echo. In the end, what could have been only a vague attempt to hang up the wagons with the recent successes of television, became a new reference. A show that goes as far as eyeing Scorsese’s side by not depriving itself of taking back expectations.

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