Naomi Judd, matriarch of the singing family Judd, dies at 76


She had her first child, Christina (who later changed her name to Wynonna) the week she graduated from high school at age 18. At that time, she was married to her first husband, Michael Ciminella, who was the father of her second daughter, Ashley. who was born in 1968 after the family moved to California?

The couple divorced in the early 1970s and Judd was living on social assistance and working in shops and restaurants before starting nursing school. She returned to Kentucky in the mid-1970s as a single mother, encouraging her daughters in their artistic interests.

“I started singing,” Wynonna Judd told Ashland, Ky., Daily Independent in 2015, “and mom would do chores and start singing in lower harmony. We would sit around the supper table and sing just to pass the time.

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