Naomi Judd, matriarch of the singing family Judd, dies at 76


After graduating as a nurse from Eastern Kentucky University in 1979, Judd moved to Nashville, where she worked as a nurse and sought to help establish Wynonna Judd as a singer. Instead, they found success in duets, performing their songs and others by Nashville songwriters.

For seven years, the Judds were the royalty of country music, selling arenas and leading the charts. After Naomi Judd’s first retirement in 1991, she had several roles as an actress in television and film. She recovered from hepatitis and started turning again with her daughter from time to time, but later, said Naomi Judd, she was retiring to her country house, falling into a deep depression.

“I literally couldn’t leave home for weeks,” she told People magazine in 2016. “I was completely immobilized and every second was like a day.”

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