Naomi Judd, matriarch of the singing family Judd, dies at 76


She said she had suicidal thoughts, which she sought to overcome through therapy and treatment in psychiatric hospitals. She has written about her struggle in several books, including a heartfelt 2016 memoir, “River of Time: My Descent into Depression and How I Emerged With Hope”.

“I always desperately try to help myself,” she told People, “… but I’m vulnerable.”

In addition to her daughters, survivors include her husband since 1989, Larry Strickland, and two grandchildren.

At the final concert of the Judds’ first farewell tour in 1991, they sang «River of Time», a song co-written by Naomi Judd on the death of her younger brother: «My future is no longer what it was, only today is all that is promised to me. Flow, a river of time, wash away the pain and heal my spirit.

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